Birthday Breaking News

What is more exciting than a birthday? How about announcing a big change in my life? There has been a rumor floating around that I am moving to Charlotte. Let me be the first one to confirm this rumor.
I am so thankful for the years that I was able to spend at the University of Michigan. Once I arrived in Ann Arbor in 2007, my life became a whirlwind with many changes. I am very pleased to say that everything has been for the best. Mike Bottom and Josh White are the best thing to happen to Michigan swimming in a long time. I have had the pleasure to watch the program change from a team that consistently placed in the top ten at NCAAs to a team that last year won it's first NCAA title since 1995, and is in the running to win again this year. Mike and Josh have done an incredible job creating an environment at Michigan that breeds success and I am thrilled to watch what I will boldly call a new age for Michigan swimming.
With recent events in my life, I will be moving to Charlotte, and I plan on doing so in fairly short time. As you may know, I am working towards a post-swimming career as a professional race car driver and I want to end up driving stock cars. This past week I had a series of meetings with people from all different corners of the stock car racing industry and things went far better than I could have hoped. Also while I was in town, I was training with David Marsh at SwimMAC. Practices with Ryan Lochte and Cullen Jones are always fun, and I really enjoyed the program as a whole. I am looking forward to a training approach that is very different from what I am used to, and swimming with SwimMAC's Elite team will be just that. That being said, I will not be completely absent from Michigan. I plan on going back every so often to do a two or three week block of threshold training with the Wolverines.I cannot be more excited to be in an environment where I can work towards my swimming goals and develop my racing career at the same time. The future holds very exciting things and I am so thankful for the opportunities and support that I have been shown along the way.
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